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A car's air conditioning unit is a highly complex & crucial bit of equipment that allows you to drive with ease in the hot summer months. The AC compressor is central to the unit and pumps the refrigerant through the system to exchange the heat for cooling in the car's cockpit.

While we won't go into the twisted details of how a compressor works, we can tell you how to spot the problem signs even in winter so that you can get your compressor back on track right in time before the hot months begin.

Jody Wilkinson Acura, serving West Jordan, UT, is a dependable establishment for excellent Acura & used cars, service & parts. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to recognize the signs of an air-con unit acting up.

1. Warmer-Than-Usual Cockpit

A most obvious sign of a compressor gone bye-bye is that you turn on the AC, and it feels like you switched on the heater. The possibilities are that the air cabin filters are clogged, so the dirty air is hindering the compressor cooling coils from dissipating heat.

Another reason could be that the compressor has leaked refrigerant & isn't working like it used to. If the cooling kicks upon acceleration, that could be another sign of a failing or worn-out compressor.

2. Clanking Compressor Sounds

Worn-out internal bearings generate a sound in the compressor that allows its inner parts to move & compress the refrigerant in repetitive cycles.

Typically, a belt powers the compressor and its internal bearings, but they can wear out and fracture, causing the clanking & rattling sounds that we call a loud compressor when the car is running.

There is no service fixing that, but it's best to replace the compressor. If yours has lasted around a decade before going faulty, then it's at the end of its' lifecycle. Rule of thumb, never invest in a used compressor!

3. Stuck Clutch

A belt powers the compressor, and when the car's thermostat indicates temps below the desired range, the clutch engages the compressor to start cooling the cabin.

With age, the compressor can sometimes get stuck on the 'on' position or never engage, hence the lack of a sound that an engaged compressor makes. The result is no cool air flows into the cabin, and the compressor can get strained. A simple air conditioning service is enough to fix the stuck clutch or replace the belt.

There are so many signs that can come on with a faulty compressor, but the dashboard light is the most evident one, so do keep your eyes on the lights when you're out driving.

At Jody Wilkinson Acura, serving West Jordan, UT, the weather might be chilly now. Still, in getting your air cabin filters & compressor serviced timely, you will be saving yourself the trouble of a costly HVAC replacement if you ignore the signs.

We have a dedicated service center at our dealership with the latest OEM parts, service coupons, and excellent technicians & mechanics at your service.

Schedule your winter maintenance with us today & get that compressor kicking!

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