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Your vehicle is essential to your daily life, so these products are valuable to you to prevent unexpected costs from wrecking your monthly budget.
You can pay more at other dealerships, but why should you?

Portfolio has been serving dealers and customers like you since 1990, and is respected as a straightforward industry leader. Since 1990 over $520 Million has been paid to cover customers’ claims on their ownership protection products.

All Portfolio Protection products are backed by stable and respected A- Rated insurers and are administered by the top warranty administrators in the US

Portfolio Vehicle Service Contracts

Extending your vehicle’s coverage is the best hedge against unexpected repair costs.

The peace of mind knowing you are protected from a large claim which may be devastating to your monthly budget is invaluable. We customize our service agreement programs and terms to emphasize the best value to our dealer’s customers. Some of our contracts include numerous roadside and towing benefits as well. Any of our Vehicle Service contracts are good in all 50 states plus Canada.

New Acura Vehicles (Less than 12,000 Miles)
7 Years or 75,000 Miles Comprehensive Coverage with a $50 Deductible per visit.
7 Years or 100,000 Miles Comprehensive Coverage with a $50 Deductible per visit.
There are also options for less years, or more miles. Please call one of our Warranty officers at 385-202-7008 to ask for customized warranty options tailored to your needs.
Visit the Portfolio Company Website for more information.

Acura Care
You can have peace of mind and protect your investment with Acura Care - the only extended coverage backed by the strength and stability of American Honda. Comprehensive vehicle and travel protection is available for protection beyond the original Acura Warranty!
Take your luxury experience to the next level. When it comes to protecting your vehicle, you want the best. And when you choose Acura Care® you get the best. Offered exclusively by Acura dealers, Acura Care Vehicle Service Contracts are packages of benefits and services designed to protect you from unexpected and costly repair bills after your factory warranty has expired. It's the elegant solution for some not-so-elegant situations.



New Acura Vehicles (Less than 6,000 Miles)

Comprehensive Coverage (often referred to as bumper to bumper warranties)












Please call one of our Warranty officers at 385-202-7008 and ask about customized warranty options tailored to your needs. You may also email Jamie.

Acura Care accompanies you on all your journeys, providing valuable assistance in countless ways. So no matter where you are on the road, you´ll have the versatile services of Acura Care there to help you make the most of your Acura experience. Maintain your vehicle in accordance with its recommended maintenance schedule outlined in your warranty booklet and your Acura Care service contract can do the rest, covering potentially expensive repairs for virtually every component on your vehicle, even items like the timing belt, water pump and constant-velocity joints. If you want extended coverage beyond the original Acura bumper-to-bumper warranty, than there is no better choice than Acura Care.

Visit the Acura Care Website for more information.